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Contracting Solutions for Businesses

When you use Contracting Solutions, it’s like returning to the time when it was easy for you and your contractors to work together without worrying about complex laws and regulations.

  • Protecting your right to engage contractors. With Contracting Solutions, you can engage people with the skills and experience you need, for as long as you need them under conditions that suit the realities of your business.
  • Freedom from sham contracting risks. You never have to worry about legal distinctions between contractors and employees, crippling financial penalties or back pay liabilities. Contracting Solutions guarantees your engaged contractors are truly independent because it uses the Odco system.
  • Full compliance. Contracting Solutions takes responsibility for all statutory obligations such as PAYG withholding tax,  superannuation contributions and ATO taxable payments reporting.
  • Insurance protection. Full cover for public liability and workers compensation protects you and the independent contractors you engage through Contracting Solutions.
  • Reduced administration. Forget about processing your contractors’ individual invoices. We issue you with a single invoice regardless of the number of contractors you engage through Contracting Solutions.
  • Shared safety obligation. When you engage contractors, you are obliged to make sure each one of them has a safe workplace. When you engage them through Contracting Solutions, you have immediate access to Raykon Safety to help you to become and remain compliant.